Angling Scotland and the three Scottish Angling Governing Bodies, the Scottish Anglers National Alliance (SANA), the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling (SFCA) and the Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers (SFSA) are here to represent you, the angler, and to ensure the future of our sport in Scotland.

Volunteer members of the Boards and Committee attend numerous meetings to ensure your voice is heard, and your rights and concerns are taken into consideration by the Scottish Government and other bodies in decisions and the making of policies that affect angling in Scotland. To continue to do this we need your support.

Help us to help you!  Stand up and be counted and join your Scottish Governing Body today.

The more anglers who join, the louder our voice and the more we will achieve to protect and enhance the sport in Scotland for you.

Who can Join?

The three Scottish Angling Governing Bodies a range of memberships available covering Individuals, Angling Clubs, Tackle Shops, Fisheries and Riparian owners.

Every new individual member who joins their Governing Body helps us to demonstrate that angling is a dynamic, inclusive and growing sport that cannot simply be ignored. 

By joining you will be directly helping to support our work to:

  • promote angling
  • protect access
  • fight for a clean and healthy freshwater environment
  • campaign against the many threats to the pursuit we are all passionate about protecting.

How to Join?

The three Scottish Angling Governing Bodies are now all using a common on line membership system, GoMembership’, so joining has never been quicker or easier.  The system gives you instant access to our on-line membership account, wherever you are and control of your personal data.  The system will also allow us to advertise courses and competitions and your to register your interest, book in and pay course or entry fees Hassell free.  Just click the JOIN NOW button at the top of this page.

Membership Benefits

Details of additional membership benefits can be found by visiting the individual Scottish Angling Governing Body websites by clicking the links below: