I am sure that you will all by now be aware that the Scottish Government has decided, based on their scientific advice, that the time is not yet right to lift the current lock-down restrictions in Scotland, other than to allow individuals to spend more time exercising. 

It is also clear from the communications that we are receiving, and the posts that we are seeing across various social media platforms, that the divergence between the position of the UK Government, which only applies in England, and that of the Scottish Government is causing some confusion and frustration.  For the avoidance of doubt, the lifting of lock-down restrictions is a devolved matter. 

Most of you will have listened to the First Minister earlier this evening and the very strong arguments she made for taking a cautious approach and for retaining the simple, clear and unambiguous message of ‘Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.  While we fully understand that some anglers will be frustrated that they are unable to resume fishing just yet, and that this feeling will be compounded by seeing anglers in England do so from this Wednesday, we must all remain patient!  Scotland is not alone in taking this precautionary approach, the devolved administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland have done the same. 

Angling Scotland and the three SGBs have supported the Government position throughout the COVID-19 crisis and continue to do so.   We also continue to engage with Scottish Ministers to push the benefits of our Proposal to Re-Open Scottish Angling, at the earliest opportunity, and to ensure that angling is considered alongside other low risk outdoor activities as soon as the time is right to relax the current restrictions. Until then, you can all help to strengthen our case by following the Government advice and Staying Home, Protecting the NHS and helping to Save Lives.

The latest Scottish Government advice, including detailed guidance on what constitutes permitted exercise can be found on the Scottish Government website at

We will continue to post updates as and when we receive more information.

Tight Lines,

Gus BrindleChairman SFCA


  1. Imastill sneakingout fortrout says:

    What a joke, the local parks and cycle paths are clogged with people running, cycling etc (the disease is spread through infected water particles, so that includes the smelly jogger sweating everywhere) I honestly don’t see how a sport which has social distancing as it’s premise being on the banned list. I don’t think I’ve ever fished 20 metres from an angler never mind 2 on my local water.

  2. Alisdair Mair says:

    I agree that our three SGB’s Should heed and fall in line with the stance taken by Nicola and the Scottish Government
    It make sense having gone through a long period of lock down already to reduce rates of infection in our population , to therefore wait till we have proper reliable evidence that the R Infection rate is well below 1
    Any relaxation prematurely and a spike in infections , can only bring more harsh measures into play .
    Let’s stick it out for a t least another couple of weeks at least , to be sure, we are constantly within the lower 0.6 R. Before relaxing the present restrictions
    The phased route suggested by ASL. makes good sense, and a good case to get Angling on the approved list soon .
    Let’s show as anglers we have respect for others and are capable of obeying what is set down in the letter.
    That way all citizens will benefit ,and rightfully so

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